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450 Professional Facilitative Leadership (FAST) 5
330 Meeting Facilitation Fundamentals 3
650 Advanced Facilitative Leadership 3
350 Executive Decision-making 2
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PMI Registered Education Provider

International Institute of Business Analysts
Endorsed Education Provider

FAST Certified Facilitator
Aligned with IAF Certification Principles

MGRush - Your Home for Facilitative Leadership Training

We provide instruction on how to effectively lead structured meetings and workshops, to get more done quickly during various types of complex meetings, workshops, and other group situations. Our structured approach tremendously improves the productivity of project management sessions, staff meetings, strategic and operational planning workshops, team sessions, and various improvement initiatives where decision quality is valued. Because our training focuses on decision making, prioritization, action plans and solution building, it serves business, technical, government, and community environments when getting more done FAST translates into economic benefit.

We've been training in leadership, facilitation, and methodology since 1985. We are the originator of the FAST workshop facilitation technique. Our facilitation methods and tools are continuously improved with extensive research into other meeting techniques and after many hours leading sessions as practitioners.

Our FAST technique is in use at hundreds of organizations, including the largest and most successful worldwide. We are a pioneer and the recognized leader in facilitation for decision making, requirements analysis, prioritization, information gathering, complex planning, process/ product development, cross-functional collaboration, and all types of business process improvements. With our training, you'll improve your leadership consciousness, facilitation competence, and methodological confidence leading teams, meetings, workshops, projects, programs, initiatives, and diverse groups.

Group Decision-making Tools

Our Facilitative Leadership section provides some exceptional meeting and workshop tools, supporting rationale, and detailed discussions, many that are found in our curriculum.

For over four years we have made hundreds of contributions to the Facilitators' Body of Knowledge (FaBoK®) with numerous tools and documents available for alumni and friends. Materials include supplemental class information, sample work product, latest course revisions (that missed publication of the manuals), and reference materials.

If you are an alumnus/a, also visit the "Downloads" section. If you are an alumnus or alumna and have not yet requested a user identity and password, please contact us.

The FAST Class - Professional-level Facilitation Training
Facilitation Training Enhances Your CareerOur most popular class is our five-day FAST Professional Facilitation Workshop course.

The course is intensive, well-rounded, and targeted for today's fast paced, process-driven organizational change environments.

Typical participants are project managers, business analysts, strategic planners, consultants, sales and marketing leaders, executives—and others that need to lead teams in group sessions for maximum effectiveness with a minimum amont of time.

Class schedule | Course Description

Qualify for PMI PDUs and IIBA CDUs
FAST Facilitation Training Class earns PMI PDUs and IIBA CDUsStudents of our FAST Class qualify for PMI PDUs and IIBA CDUs.

Our FAST Professional Facilitation (Session Leader) Workshop course prepares team and project leaders, analysts, managers, and executives to make the most of critical projects and decisions.

Our class is also a terrific way to maintain your certification. Students who successfully complete our (#450) FAST class qualify for 40 CDUs (IIBA) and 40 PDUs (PMI).

We also provide 3.2 CEUs for other professions . . .

Meeting Facilitation Fundamentals
Fundamental Meeting Facilitation is Group Leadership - Improve Your Leadership Skills with MGRushHere is our basic 3-day class for anyone who wants to improve their meeting leadership skills.

This short, intensive, and focused class helps anyone who leads or participates in a lot of meetings. While not intended for professional facilitators, this class provides basic workgroup and meeting management skills for those that regularly lead meetings and groups; such as project managers, team leads, and others that guide workgroups.

Tight timetables? This is the perfect class to manage valuable meeting time in your role as group, team, or project lead . . .

Advanced Facilitation
Take Your Facilitation Performance to the Next LevelOur Advanced Facilitation class is a dynamic program featuring evolving content. It is designed to keep trained facilitators up-to-date with best practices. It is also an opportunity to polish skills and behaviors gained "on the job."

The class is designed to pick up where our FAST class leaves off -- and that is a "high bar." The FAST class delivers total preparation for facilitators, so we've designed the Advanced Class to refine skills, expand techniques, and "dive deeper".

We have had great demand for a short, intensive, and focused class with lots of practice and feedback. Alumni want to make sure they have not developed bad habits, and where they have, want feedback to get better -- immediately.

This course requires FAST Certification and ideally at least six months and 40 hours of facilitating meetings and workshop. Our next class is linked to a special two-day class on managing conflict, especially among headstrong executives. Please contact us directly about hosting an Advanced Class at your facility.

Business Process Improvement
Image"Change or Die–The Business Process Improvement Manual." written by Terrence Metz . . .

. . . aligns with the PMBoK®v5 from (PMI®) the Project Management Institute and the BABOK® Guide v3 from (IIBA®) the International Institute of Business Analysis™.

"Change or Die" provides a life cycle approach within 250 pages of primary text, supplemented with another 100 pages of workshop agendas, tools, and activities, and a CD containing over 100 tables and templates in electronic form. A nominal investment in this manual will pay for itself many times over.

William Malek, HBR author of "Executing Your Strategy" says: "The CD is worth it alone as the templates are very practical and adoptable in many contexts. I use it for work related to planning the execution of strategy. For anyone facilitating groups, this is a good book and CD to have access to on an ongoing basis!"


What Clients Say
"The staff that I've sent to this training tell me that it's the best and most important training they've received in their professional career."


On-line Glossary
Facilitator's Glossary
FAST is one of the oldest sources of facilitation
certification, since 2004.
Our FAST Professional Facilitation Workshop Course - is our most popular class.

Our next OPEN public classes are*:
Aug 31 - Sep 4
    Seattle WA

Sep 28 - Oct 2
    Washington DC

Dec 7 - 11
    Houston TX

Feb 22 - 26, 2016
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Meeting Facilitation Fundamentals basic training.

Our next OPEN public classes are:
Aug 31 - Sep 2
    Seattle WA

Sep 28 - Sep 30
    Washington DC

Dec 7 - 9
    Houston TX

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Advanced Facilitation - our follow-on training.

Our next OPEN public classes are:
Jan 18 - 19, 2016
    Dubai UAE

Sep 8 - 9, 2016
    Orlando FL

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