MG RUSH has seeded FAST and structured facilitation techniques at thousands of companies, including some of the largest, most recognizable in the world. We are THE acknowledged leader in facilitation training, meeting management and when using facilitated workshops for information gathering, planning, decision-making, and team leadership.


While our most popular public course is our Professional Facilitation Trainingwe also offer Facilitation Fundamentals and Advanced Facilitation Training.


Looking for private, onsite facilitation training? While many organizations host our Professional or our Fundamentals Facilitation Training, we also offer a customized class, called CHOICE, designed to fit your company’s needs.



MG RUSH structured facilitation training (FAST) was created to fill gaps left by other techniques. Our clientele include many of the world’s top private and public institutions. This sample list provides an indication of the broad appeal of our courses and the professionalism of our curriculum.

Why Invest In Facilitation Training?

Improving facilitation skills leads to greater confidence, leadership, efficiency, and effectiveness
with groups, workshops, projects, and teams.

Why train with MG Rush?

Facilitation Leadership Training

  • We are THE leading facilitation training company for structured facilitation (such as SCRUMAgile, JAD, Lean, SDLC and derivatives).
  • Our alumni are amongst the most successful facilitators in the world. Client List
  • Our FAST Facilitation Technique has become more widely used and accepted in corporations than any other facilitation technique embracing SCRUMAgile, JAD, Lean, SDLC, and other methodologies.
  • Most major user groups for facilitators were either started by our alumni or are now headed by our alumni.
  • The successful growth of facilitation in the Northern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East is directly related to our alumni.
  • We are the oldest continuous consulting group in the United States dedicated to structured facilitation for meetings and workshops.

What MG Rush Alumni Are Saying…

"I just wanted to thank you for a life changing course. Your course was like a boot camp and it almost totally removed my fear of speaking in front of groups. - E.S., IT Client Liaison

“I liked the mind games to get us kick started. You are very authoritative and know your stuff. It was an honor to be in this class. Your feedback was invaluable.” - Melinda T, Business Manager

"[Regarding the instructor] Awesome! Absolutely brilliant in focusing, teaching and enabling the students!" -C.S., program manager

"Instructor knowledge was excellent and honest. Nothing was out of bounds for questions." A. B., eProcurement Specialist

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and appreciated your reality input into the discussions." K. M., Training Coordinator, Applications Trainer

"I particularly liked being 'forced' into facilitating in front of the group. That was a big confidence builder." - G.N., Technology Planning Coordinator

"Excellent learning experience. Anyone serious about being a facilitator that wants to help groups get results should attend this class" - J.C.L., principal / PhD

"Excellent Program. I really found it valuable because it was about actionable ideas . . . concepts I can adapt and use to improve my effectiveness as a leader." -L.B., marketing manager

“Back in Trinidad now and wanted to say thanks for the wonderful experience.  I am hosting my first secession here at the school and I know that your teaching will lend to a wonderful experience for the group.” - Surrendra M, Senior Academic Advisor

"The best instructor I have studied under--bar none. This course should be required in college. It's better than 70 percent of what I studied there." F. D., Information Management Analyst

“Great stuff, brilliant instructor” - Heather K, Director of Control Environment Response

“You clearly and excellently translate your experience and expertise into a fast-paced but fascinating and very valuable seminar. I really enjoyed this class. Thank you!” - Randy K, Director Operational Excellence

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and appreciated your reality input into the discussions." K. M., Training Coordinator, Applications Trainer

“Great! Easy to understand, fast paced, high expectations of students and gets them there.” - Peggi G, Chief, Publications and IT Operations

"I also wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the FAST training you taught here last November. Even though the training was intense it is well worth its weight in gold and that is a direct reflection upon your leadership as an instructor. I have fully utilized a lot of the techniques already." - K.T., business analyst

"[Regarding the instructor] Awesome! Absolutely brilliant in focusing, teaching and enabling the students!" -C.S., program manager

"It was fabulous. Exhausting (since I took it very seriously and wanted to learn EVERYTHING!) . . . but fabulous." -P.G., vp marketing - major consumer research company

"Terrence was the most engaging instructor I've had in a very long time. For an incredible amount of information, he made it go quickly and smoothly. The instructor was clear and concise; the tools are phenomenal; instructor organization was superb." - T.W., Business IT Partner

Productivity, enthusiasm, and commitment -

"It was really awesome. The first time/place I have seen this company on such a "high" in terms of strategic plan accomplishment. I never thought I'd see the day that [VP] stood up and told everyone what an awesome job our department does. We owe it in no small part to teamwork as well as someone like you who forces us to get it all together." - D.C. - department head

"FAST has to be one of the most useful courses I have taken. I use the tools everyday!" - M.S., Project Manager, PMP, MCTS, ITIL, CTT+