Why Invest In Facilitation Training?

Improving facilitation skills increases confidence and effectiveness when leading meetings, workshops, and presentations–producing higher quality, consensual deliverables that will help your organization excel!

Why Train With MG RUSH?


…with a world class instructor. At MG RUSH we never hire contractors to teach our classes. You only learn with the best!


Truth: You don’t learn how to facilitate when the instructor’s lips are moving. That’s why 80% of your class time is devoted to demonstration and practice.


Students who successfully complete our 450 Professional Facilitation course qualify for PMI PDUs, IIBA CDUs, and CEUs.


Honest and comprehensive daily feedback provides clear opportunities for improvement. We won’t lie to you, we’ll make you better.


Our facilitation curriculum comes from years of experience, research and innovative thinking that fully compliments Agile, JAD, Lean, SCRUM, SDLC, and other methodologies. Our FAST reference manual is updated weekly. 


We’re so sure our facilitation training surpasses any other, we guarantee that if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your tuition.



Join Our Elite Class Of Alumni

MG Rush has trained the best structured facilitators in the world.
  • MG RUSH alumni are among the most successful, effective facilitators in the world.
  • Our FAST Professional Facilitation has become more widely used and accepted in corporations than any other facilitation technique embracing Agile, JAD, Lean, SCRUM, SDLC, and other methodologies.
  • Most major user groups for facilitators were either started by our alumni or are now headed by our alumni.
  • The successful growth of facilitation in Northern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East is directly related to our alumni.
  • PLUS: MG RUSH Alumni enjoy access to hundreds of unique facilitation tools and resources. A sampling of these are available in our Facilitator Resources, under Our Services.  ENROLL NOW

What MG Rush Alumni Are Saying…

"The pace of the course may need to slow down. It feels like we have too much (good) information to absorb in too little time." -C.S., program specialist

Quality content -

"Having you facilitate the discussion and process was a critical element of this consultation. The outputs that I have viewed look on target . . . Now we have the tools to make the decisions on optimum territories. Thank you for your help!" - S.G., division sales manager, major pharmaceutical manufacturer

“I wanted to gain more tools and the class definitely provided that and much more.” - Mark R, Business Manager

"I am struck by how productive and jam-packed last week was in training! I really have not had another short course this applicable or rich in important lessons, so thank you." - C.H., Decision Analyst, PhD

"The direction and suggestions you've provided will be a tremendous help! I truly appreciate your insights and experience and your willingness to share them with me." – R. M., Director, Business Information Resources Management

“Great presence, excellent teacher, wish I had more time to learn more…”- Surrendra M, Senior Academic Advisor

"Excellent Program. I really found it valuable because it was about actionable ideas . . . concepts I can adapt and use to improve my effectiveness as a leader." -L.B., marketing manager

“Back in Trinidad now and wanted to say thanks for the wonderful experience.  I am hosting my first secession here at the school and I know that your teaching will lend to a wonderful experience for the group.” - Surrendra M, Senior Academic Advisor

"Best class I have ever taken." - S.D., Content Strategist

“Love the energy and enthusiasm! Great speaker and very encouraging!” - Joann G, Senior Business Support Solutions Specialist

“It exceeded my expectations and challenged my thinking about meetings and workshops. (also….) Thought-provoking, provided excellent feedback to help improve my skills” - Kristy Avery, Campaign Manager

“This was one of the best training classes I have had to date as an employee at USAA.  It is always great to learn that you have tremendous opportunity to improve and grow in a particular skill; especially when that skill transcends many lines and types of work.  Additionally, there is always value when you can attend a training to help you improve and get tools, techniques, and demonstrations on how to incorporate them and implement them on a daily basis.

I hope to see you again in the future; I will never forget you for what you have given to me….true knowledge.” - Mark R, Business Manager

"I am struck by how productive and jam-packed last week was in training! I really have not had another short course this applicable or rich in important lessons, so thank you." - C.H., Decision Analyst, PhD

"I did not expect the training to be this well-run. The entire workshop was well prepared, organized, and executed to the fullest, including the materials provided." - A Baseline Magazine Top Five "Well-run IT Company" department manager

"I also wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the FAST training you taught here last November. Even though the training was intense it is well worth its weight in gold and that is a direct reflection upon your leadership as an instructor. I have fully utilized a lot of the techniques already." - K.T., business analyst

"Terrence is a very strong teacher of facilitators. He is very good at identifying weaknesses in facilitators and coaching them on how to get better. His language is precise and accurate." - D.F., Director of Strategic Planning (PhD)

Working with executive teams -

"The CEO was very complementary of your work with us. In particular, he commended your communication poise, skills, and effectiveness in working with his senior management team."

"We covered a lot of material, but did so in a fast-paced, fun, interesting and informative way." -A.G., project value specialist

"I think you're fortunate to be in the Chicago area, with MG Rush so close by... I was trained by MG Rush . . . and had a number of people in my Project Office trained for years after that . . . If you want top-notch facilitation training, look no further . . ."
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“Love these and still use my Fast approaches all the time! I was looking just today for some brainstorming activities for an upcoming strategic planning session and pulled out my Fast Training materials!” - Christy B, CCP, PMP