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MG Rush - Your Home for Facilitation Training

We train facilitators. We specialize in structured facilitation; the type used in most important workshops, team meetings, and retreats. Our facilitation technique is ideal for team meetings, project management, strategic planning, and quality initiatives. Because our training focuses on decision making, it is applicable to business, technical, government, and community environments.

We've been training facilitators since 1985. We are the originator of the FAST workshop facilitation technique. Our facilitation methods and tools were developed after extensive research into other meeting techniques and after many hours leading sessions as practitioners.

Our FAST technique is in use at hundreds of organizations, including the largest and most successful worldwide. We are a pioneer and the recognized leader in facilitation for requirements and information gathering, ideation, planning, analysis, process and product development, team collaboration, and group decision-making. With our training, you'll improve your confidence, leadership, efficiency, and effectiveness leading groups, meetings, workshops, projects, programs, initiatives, and teams.

Qualify for PMI PDUs and IIBA CDUs
FAST Facilitation Training Class earns PMI PDUs and IIBA CDUsStudents of our FAST Class qualify for PMI PDUs and IIBA CDUs.

Our FAST Professional Facilitation (Session Leader) Workshop course prepares team and project leaders, analysts, managers, and executives to make the most of critical projects and decisions.

Our class is also a terrific way to maintain your certification. Students who successfully complete our (#450) FAST class qualify for 40 CDUs (IIBA) and 40 PDUs (PMI).

The FAST Class - Professional-level Facilitation Training
Facilitation Training Enhances Your CareerOur most popular class is our 5-day FAST Professional Facilitation Workshop course.

The course is intensive, well-rounded, and targeted for today's fast paced, process-driven organizational change environments.

Typical participants are project managers, business analysts, strategic planners, consultants, sales and marketing leaders, executives—and others that need to lead teams in group sessions for maximum effectiveness with a minimum amont of time.

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Facilitation for Project Managers
Project Management is Group Leadership - Improve Your Leadership Skills with MG RushOne of our newest classes is a 3-day class for project managers.

We have had great demand for a short, intensive, and focused class to help project managers guide workgroups. While not intended for professional facilitators, this class provides basic workgroup management skills for those that regularly interact with or lead groups.

This course is ideal for project managers with SDLC and/or PDLC responsibilities and those managing across the PMLC and/or multiple projects. Tight timetables? This is the perfect tool to manage certain steps in your PM duties.

Business Process Improvement
Image"Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual." written by Terrence Metz, is now shipping.

This new manual aligns with the PMBoK from the Project Management Institute.

"Change or Die" provides a life cycle approach within 250 pages of primary text, supplemented with another 100 pages of workshop agendas, tools, and activities, and a CD containing over 100 tables and templates in electronic form. A nominal investment in this manual will pay for itself many times over.

TIP - Remembering - Associations

The Association Method

The "association method" is a useful approach to remembering a series of items, situation, or sequence of activities/operations, particularly if their a specific order is important.

I used this to remember pronouns in secondary school . . . by creating a "mental story" of "scenes" to associate each (and every) preposition required by my teacher.

Suppose you need to "prepare for" an impromptu meeting with a senior executive, and for which a note card would be inappropriate. Then you might consider using the association method to construct a "story of images" that directly link the sequence of images, in sequence, to topics or questions that you want to discuss with the executive.

TIP - How To Start Meetings On Time

This is one TIP from our collection of practical tips, tools, and techniques. Our tips are gathered from our experience, training classes, and alumni contributions.

How to Start Meetings on Time

Include "Arrival" On The Agenda

Put an ARRIVAL time on the agenda. For the START of a session at 8:00 AM, include ARRIVAL on the agenda at 7:50 AM.

The time between Arrival and Start is similar to the "networking" or "registration" period before an evening meeting. It is also similar to "Cocktails" before a "Dinner."

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What Clients Say
"The staff that I've sent to this training tell me that it's the best and most important training they've received in their professional career."


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FAST is one of the oldest sources of facilitation
certification, since 2004.
Our FAST Professional Facilitation Workshop Course - is our most popular class.

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