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450 FAST Professional Facilitation Workshop Training (5 days)
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Course earns IIBA CDUsCourse earns PMI PDUs

Our FAST Professional Facilitation (Session Leader) Workshop course prepares team and project leaders, analysts, managers, and executives to make the most of critical projects and decisions. This course provides an excellent foundation for those who find themselves in meetings most of the week. Regardless of position, the course is intended for those that spend a considerable portion of their time, or for whom the value of workshops and team performance is critically high. The course is intensive, well-rounded, and targeted for today's fast paced, process-driven business change environments.

Expert facilitation is proven to dramatically increase productivity of workshops, of meetings, any group setting, and within teams. Facilitation skills are essential to work within the three constraints of time, cost, and scope. Projects require and benefit from group activities to plan, decide, analyze, and extract high-quality information in a compressed time. Our structured facilitation technique guides individuals and teams to develop clear deliverables, superior problem-solving skills, and consensus-based decisions.

FAST facilitation training instills confidence, competence, and excellence

Expert facilitation is also an effective management style. Facilitation skills support a modern, collaborative leadership style. Facilitative management bridges the cross-cultural as well as cross-functional aspects of organizations.

The FAST technique uses an interactive approach built on nearly thirty years of facilitation training and also practical experience in a wide range of industries, situations, and group types.

FAST was originally developed as an extension and improvement over JAD. FAST embraces JAD/JAR workshops but extends facilitation to a range of projects, IT, quality, and corporate planning applications. FAST supports your need for improved information gathering, team building, decision-making, mediation, planning, and ideation.



Our goal is to prepare you to plan and lead important initiatives in your firm or for your clients. Our FAST graduates apply SMART rules and preparation plans, improve their session leader or facilitation skills, and learn how to build and sequence effective meeting and workshop steps and activities. Our intense, five-day curriculum teaches session leaders how to:

  • Perform as effective facilitators and methodologists from "the board room to the boiler room"
  • Become a more active listener and effective leader
  • Build methodologies and process models that clearly define policies (ie, "Why"), rules (ie, "What"), and procedures (ie, "How")
  • Construct activities, each yielding outputs required by subsequent steps
  • Create annotated workshop/meeting agendas, assuring your overall process is always under control and transferable
  • Expand the range of situations where you provide leadership
  • Manage group conflict and "problem people"
  • Identify appropriate workshop tools and team-building opportunities
  • Heavily improve preparation (of both session leaders AND participants)
  • Plan and estimate workshops and sequential meetings

Read what students have to say about FAST training.


FAST is a proprietary product developed as an improvement over IBM's JAD. FAST, from MG Rush / Morgan Madison & Company, is the most comprehensive facilitated interactive technique available. It assures information gathering where consensus replaces aggregating individual interviews. FAST fully integrates communication and group dynamics to derive consensus-based information. FAST provides world class leadership training.

Since 1985 FAST has provided the foundation for successful meetings and workshops worldwide by embracing:

  • Project and portfolio management demanding consensus-based prioritization
  • Enterprise/initiative planning, project definitions, and team charters
  • Strategic mapping through life-cycle to execute your strategy
  • Business process and IT projects (eg, SOA, Requirements Gathering, Objects, UML, Use-Cases, SIPOC, etc.)
  • Planning, analysis, design, and change management using any methodology
  • Business architecture, alignment, and decision-support models
  • Capacity building for nonprofits, NGOs, and management support organizations

FAST improves the governance and ownership of information and decision-making with proven results:

  • 400% reduction of total enterprise resources compared to interviews
  • Enhanced communication between all parties involved
  • Fewer mistakes and changes down the road
  • More complete, consensus-based information
  • Clear and traceable assumptions, preferences, and decisions

The keys to FAST include:

  • Extensive reference manual that covers all aspects of facilitated workshops including: history, facilitator skills, group dynamics, workshop agendas, workshop preparation, project planning, and visual aids.
  • Five-day FAST Session Leader Workshop to train facilitators—frequently called "THE boot camp" for facilitators, producing some of the finest facilitators in the world.
  • Availability of continuing professional development through our Advanced Facilitator Workshops that enable experienced facilitators to expand their abilities and continue to grow as facilitators.
  • Commitment to continual updates of our content and improvements to our technique through our alumni-only online resources and advanced classes.
  • Continual fine-tuning and improvement of our technique through our own (and alumni) in-field application of FAST as regular, practical facilitators—we practice what we preach!


Course Manual
Each course participant receives a detailed reference manual with 500 hundred plus pages of meeting agendas, facilitator tools, and leadership tips to be used as a professional resource for years beyond the professional training. We offer manual updates for alumni.

Workshop Leader (Visual) Aids
Each student receives receives on-line access to class templates and support materials; to conduct their own meetings, workshops, and presentations.

Each student receives two confidential evaluations from a certified instructor describing their demonstrated strengths and areas for improvement. FAST Professional Certification is issued to each student who successfully completes the course and case study.

Each student receives two digital-video recordings of their case studies where they perform as session leaders in real, yet simulated situations.




  • Welcome/introductions: purpose, scope, goals, and expectations
  • Using the reference materials, handouts, and on-line (cloud) access
  • Helping groups to make more informed decisions
  • Clear thinking—output vs outcome
  • Roles, life-cycles, methodologies, phases, and holarchial alignment
  • Exercise—what does ‘DONE’ look like?

Facilitation Skills

  • Leadership: clarity and consensus
  • Facilitation skills (eg, presenting, questioning, listening, challenging, neutrality)
  • Exercise - Active Listening Lab

Facilitation Skills (continued)

  • Power brainstorming process: diverge, analyze, and converge steps
  • Three Step Brainstorming Exercise: diverge—analyze—converge method
  • Trivium: logic (WHY), rhetoric (WHAT), and grammar (HOW)
  • Managing group conflict
  • Extracting high quality information
  • Cognitive biases
  • Facilitating decisions and prioritization
  • Exercise - Facilitating a Brief Workshop
DAY 3 & 4

Methodological Skills

  • Agenda concepts: codifying and sequencing the right questions
  • Exercise - Building a Reusable Approach
  • Planning-type meetings and workshops: how to prepare, build, launch, and control
  • Facilitating ownership and implementation: ("Guardian of Change") activities
  • Analysis meetings and workshops: how to prepare, build, launch, and control
  • Exercise - Facilitating a Simulated Analysis Workshop
  • Design meetings and workshops: how to prepare, build, launch, and control
  • Contrasting Field-Tested Workshops: how to prepare, build, launch, and control . . . tables, diagrams, process models, and creativity/ innovation workshops

Applied Facilitation

  • Various "How to" scenarios and student-led simulations

Meeting Management Controls

  • Checklist templates, preparation, and participant interviews and preparation
  • Logistics—preventing distractions and helping groups to focus
  • Standards—“if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen”—documentation sizzle
  • Risk analysis—measuring/ managing risk with project team and sponsors
  • Continuous improvement and feedback methods
  • Leading virtual (audio-visual) meetings and workshops

Student Skills and Immersion

  • Individual Case Studies
  • Personalized counseling & critique
  • Continuous and sustainable improvement


Course earns IIBA CDUsCourse earns PMI PDUs

PMI PDUs - Participants qualify for 40 Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the PMI upon completion.

IIBA CDUs – Participants qualify for 40 Continuing Development Units (CDUs) from the IIBA upon completion. We comply with the IIBA BABOK® v2.0.


Private classes may be customized for your own group or situation. Minimum private group size is four; maximum is fifteen. Private classes provide the best opportunity for us to tailor the curriculum for your company's needs.

Public classes are typically held monthly.

Class dates are subject to change. Please check our Schedule page for the most current sites and dates.



(Ask about other dates. Occasionally, a private class client may permit non-competing persons to participate in their on-site classes. Private, on-site classes occur throughout the U.S. and World.)

Participants also receive our copyrighted reference manual plus session leader templates and workshop tools for alumni use and distribution. (See who else has chosen FAST.) Numerous private companies and governmental bodies have each sent dozens of participants through our core curriculum. Contact us today for details, arrangements, or for other questions.


The cost per student is US$2,950.

Fee includes training, materials, supplies, and lunch. We limit public class size to provide each student with opportunities to practice and enable personal attention from the instructor. Transportation, meals outside of class, and lodging are the responsibility of the student.

Please inquire for private class pricing and available dates (for on-site, corporate needs). The on-site fee covers training, materials, and instructor travel. Ideally, on-site classes should contain six to twelve students.

If you would like to attend a specific class, plan to send someone(s), or are waiting on final approvals or confirmation, go ahead and call or write today to reserve a seat. Classes fill up quickly and are limited in size. If the class you select is full, we will notify you and place you on a waiting list if you choose.


Students receive the most benefit from the course if they have:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Some understanding of business problems
  • Familiarity with business analysis
  • Moderate comfort working in front of a group


Here are some of the companies that prefer FAST. See our Clientele section for a more extensive list of organizations that prefer FAST.

  • 20th Century Services
  • Aetna Life and Casualty
  • Allstate Insurance
  • American Airlines
  • SBC/Ameritech
  • BP/Amoco Corporation
  • Apple Computer
  • ARCO
  • BellSouth
  • Chevron
  • Coca-Cola
  • Countrywide Financial
  • Duke Power Company
  • Dun & Bradstreet Software
  • Eastman Kodak
  • EDS
  • Eli Lilly & Company
  • Ernst & Young
  • Federal Reserve Banks
  • General Electric
  • Harris Trust and Savings
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Insurance Services Office
  • Intel
  • ISSC
  • Kemper Insurance
  • Kraft General Foods
  • Levi Strauss and Company
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance
  • Mobil Oil
  • National Westminster Bank
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Qwest
  • Purdue University
  • Rolls-Royce plc
  • SAIC
  • State of Texas Agencies
  • U.S. Postal Service


To reserve a space, arrange for a private class, or inquire about this and other courses, please call Terrence Metz at 630-954-5882 or register on-line.


What Clients Say
"The staff that I've sent to this training tell me that it's the best and most important training they've received in their professional career."


On-line Glossary
Facilitator's Glossary
FAST is one of the oldest sources of facilitation
certification, since 2004.
Our FAST Professional Facilitation Workshop Course - is our most popular class.

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