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650 Advanced Facilitative Leadership 3
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Meeting Facilitation Fundamentals
Fundamental Meeting Facilitation is Group Leadership - Improve Your Leadership Skills with MGRushHere is our basic 3-day class for anyone who wants to improve their meeting leadership skills.

This short, intensive, and focused class helps anyone who leads or participates in a lot of meetings. While not intended for professional facilitators, this class provides basic workgroup and meeting management skills for those that regularly lead meetings and groups; such as project managers, team leads, and others that guide workgroups.

Tight timetables? This is the perfect class to manage valuable meeting time in your role as group, team, or project lead . . .

. . . Ideal for project, program, and product managers with responsibility crossing multiple areas of responsibility and concurrent projects.

This class is essential for persons whose performance depends on their ability to manage teams to generate results.

If you are serious about project facilitation and, for example, are assigned to a PMO, you should take our 5-day FAST class. It is intended for professional-level results for top-performers.

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