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Business Process Improvement
Image"Change or Die–The Business Process Improvement Manual." written by Terrence Metz . . .

. . . aligns with the PMBoK®v5 from (PMI®) the Project Management Institute and the BABOK® Guide v3 from (IIBA®) the International Institute of Business Analysis™.

"Change or Die" provides a life cycle approach within 250 pages of primary text, supplemented with another 100 pages of workshop agendas, tools, and activities, and a CD containing over 100 tables and templates in electronic form. A nominal investment in this manual will pay for itself many times over.

William Malek, HBR author of "Executing Your Strategy" says: "The CD is worth it alone as the templates are very practical and adoptable in many contexts. I use it for work related to planning the execution of strategy. For anyone facilitating groups, this is a good book and CD to have access to on an ongoing basis!"

If your organization recognizes opportunities to improve, this manual has the content you need, and it uses a consensual technique of shared development and ownership.

FAST alumni will recognize some old tools (eg, Guardian of Change) and some new activities to stimulate group performance. The workshop agendas have been stress tested with clients and are proven to work.

Our publisher, Productivity Press, is an imprint of the publishing house, CRC Press that operates as the science and technology book division of the Taylor & Francis Group. Established in 1783 in the United Kingdom, we are fortunate to be associated with one of the longest established publishers in the history of publishing. Taylor & Francis Group is now the academic publishing arm of Informa plc.

Maxine Attong (co-author, FAST alumni, resident of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) may be found around the world this year signing copies at various conferences. You can’t miss her world-class smile. Terrence Metz (co-author, FAST alumni, lead instructor, and facilitative leadership curriculum developer) may be found across the United States hosting FAST classes. Either will gladly sign a copy for you and discuss questions you may have about deriving value from our team approach to business process improvement.


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"The staff that I've sent to this training tell me that it's the best and most important training they've received in their professional career."


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FAST is one of the oldest sources of facilitation
certification, since 2004.
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Meeting Facilitation Fundamentals basic training.

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Advanced Facilitation - our follow-on training.

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