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450 Professional Facilitative Leadership (FAST) 5
330 Meeting Facilitation Fundamentals 3
650 Advanced Facilitative Leadership 3
350 Executive Decision-making 2
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Thank you for choosing us for your training. We are committed to provide you with an enjoyable, educational, and profitable experience. Many of our student-clients have expressed how important our training has been for their careers, confidence, and personal performance. We will strive to provide the same benefits to you.

You can register via this form. We will confirm your registration via email. Payment information will be included in the confirmation. We accept purchase orders, company checks, and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We will NOT collect credit card information from you during this on-line registration. You can also call (630) 954-5880 for telephone registration.

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There is no cancellation fee if:

  • We are notified in writing at least one month in advance, or
  • You send a substitute.

Rescheduling or cancellations within one month of class start are subject to a minimum cancellation fee $750 (for 5-day course) or $500 (for 3-day course) to cover incurred expenses. Cancellations within one week of class start or no-shows are liable for the full registration fee with no refund. The cancellation fee does not apply to students on a waiting list who are accepted late.

MGRUSH/ Morgan Madison & Company reserves the right to cancel for extraordinary circumstances or due to factors reasonably out of our control. Our liability in the event of cancellation of a class is limited to the amount paid and in no instance greater than the price of the class.

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