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350 Executive Facilitation (2 days)
Executive Facilitation is a 2-day class providing training in facilitation skills and applied techniques for executive situations.


It is geared towards executives, directors, and other chairperson leaders of teams and committees.

Designed for those executives that need immediate improvement in their meeting and team management skills. This class is focused on improving organizational performance through increased competence of committee, meeting, and team leadership skills..

The course is not as extensive as our FAST Class - it covers standard committee meetings, executive policy sessions, problem-solving meetings, governance situations, and prioritizing approaches toward group decision-making. This class is typically offered as an on-site class only, but frequently the site is not on the organizational campus.

In particular, Board of Directors, Executive Teams. Chief Officers and Directors, and executives responsible for policy and governance, "C"-level executives, and other key stakeholders involved in the development of strategic business plans, portfolio balancing, project alignment, and organizational oversight should attend this Executive Facilitation course.

In addition to executives and boards of directors, this course is excellent for client managers and consultants looking for a more effective way to interact with executive-level clients, suppliers, and partners.


This class focuses on group decision-making methods, the concepts of facilitation as applied to problem solving, and more effectively leading meetings and committees. Topics include:

  • All facilitation skills
  • Facilitator tools appropriate to boardroom and executive level meetings
  • Managing participant problems with analysis or deferral
  • Managing conflict to stimulate innovation
  • Developing appropriate information sharing and information seeking agendas

This class is two-thirds hands-on demonstrations and practice.


Upon completion, the executives will be able to:

  • Increased consciousness of the skills and methods required to lead executive groups and committees
  • Demonstrate a basic level of proficiency and competence in practice situations
  • Increase confidence in planning, method, and preparation
  • Facilitate a variety of problem solving and decision-making situations.


Each executive receives:

  • Facilitator Reference Manual -- containing guidance for applying facilitation skills
  • Conflict management tools
  • Meeting preparation templates and checklists
  • Agenda options and suggestions for planning, analysis, and decision-making
  • Lifetime access to on-line tools and support materials
  • Samples, suggestions, and tips for managing documentation
  • Video recording of a meeting facilitated by the student
  • Professional and confidential evaluation
  • Certificate of completion.


We offer the Executive Facilitation class at client-chosen sites or can arrange an off-campus site for you.


The fee for the course is $2,250 per student with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 participants. The fee covers tuition, books, materials, and in-class supplies. We provide the instructor and curriculum-specific materials. You provide the course participants, training room environment, flip charts/easels, overhead projector, projection screen, and refreshments.

We also provide one-on-one training and coaching, usually in two-day increments (please inquire).


What Clients Say
"The staff that I've sent to this training tell me that it's the best and most important training they've received in their professional career."


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Facilitator's Glossary
FAST is one of the oldest sources of facilitation
certification, since 2004.
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