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650 Advanced Facilitative Leadership 3
350 Executive Decision-making 2
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The FAST Class - Professional-level Facilitation Training
Facilitation Training Enhances Your CareerOur most popular class is our five-day FAST Professional Facilitation Workshop course.

The course is intensive, well-rounded, and targeted for today's fast paced, process-driven organizational change environments.

Typical participants are project managers, business analysts, strategic planners, consultants, sales and marketing leaders, executives—and others that need to lead teams in group sessions for maximum effectiveness with a minimum amont of time.

Class schedule | Course Description

Our #450 FAST class is intended for individuals that facilitate at least once per month, or that facilitate a significant event at least once per year, and for whom the value of workshops and team performance is critically high.

Expert facilitation is proven to dramatically increase productivity workshops, in meetings, group-settings, and within teams especially where it is important to plan, decide, analyze, and extract high-quality information in a compressed time. Our structured facilitation technique guides individuals and teams to develop:

  • Clear deliverables
  • More and better ideas
  • Superior problem-solving
  • Consensus-based decisions
  • Methodical and traceable decisions

This class is not simply "better meeting" training. While we cover the basics, this is an advanced approach to working with others in a group setting. We focus on training you to lead more effectively, deliver more relevant results from your teams/clients/users, and to create more satisfaction in every group setting you are in.

For the facilitator, this class helps you overcome fears, anxiety, or reservations about his/her ability to stand in front of a group and lead them through difficult (socially or content) fact-finding, analysis, decisions, and planning.

Our training equips the interested individual with excellent skills to deal with disruptions, "difficult people," and other personally challenging moments experienced while leading groups. Our approach to preparation, team-building, and group leadership accelerates careers, makes comfortable interactions with senior executives, and increases an individual's visibility within an organization.

Our leadership training and methodologies help groups translate organization requirements into action: eg, identify policies (WHY), rules (WHAT) and procedures (HOW). Typical deliverables include Team Charters, quantifiable SWOT analysis, logical models, RASI assignments, and process models (eg, SIPOC, swimlanes, etc.). FAST deliverables accelerate corporate performance management, strategic planning, business continuity, content and knowledge management, service oriented architecture (SOA), and web and portal services, and other related business process initiatives.

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