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A Partial Sharing of What Students Say

Our clients are ecstatic with training and facilitation from MG Rush.

"If you want top-notch facilitation training, look no further. . ." *


"Best class I have ever taken." - S.D.

"I wish I could have had this class ten years ago." - M.K.

"During my eleven years at ___, this is probably the best class I've taken here" - C.P.

"One of the best instructors I've seen in many years" - S.G.

"Best class I've taken at ___. I really appreciated all the knowledge transfer, tips, tools, and feedback. Thank-you!" - E.M.

"Terrence was the most engaging instructor I've had in a very long time. For an incredible amount of information, he made it go quickly and smoothly. The instructor was clear and concise; the tools are phenomenal; instructor organization was superb." - T.W.

"I will always talk wonders about the FAST Training. Great instructor, could not have been a better one. Excellent" - S.M.

"Awesome, accommodating, pleasant, and etc (all positive adjectives). Terrence is a "RockStar" for facilitation." - J.R.

"It met objectives I didn't know I had. Hope that makes sense . . . also help me be a better contributor in a facilitated environment . . . Terrence, You are perhaps the instructor who has kept me engaged in a week long setting more than anyone else I've ever had." - T.M.

"The course showed me that there is an entire science behind facilitation, and much more than just a detailed agenda." - E.N.

"My least favorite part of course as the day that I missed." - H.A.

"Awesome content. Best work/ industry training I've received!" - S.R.

"This was the best training course I have ever attended, and I know that it is in great part to all of your participation (and Terrence's materials, structure, exercises, etc.). Thank you for sharing a wonderful, fantabulous week with me and for bringing out the person I have not been in some time. It was great fun!" - K.C.

"Terrence is a very strong teacher of facilitators. He is very good at identifying weaknesses in facilitators and coaching them on how to get better. His language is precise and accurate." - D.F.


"FAST has to be one of the most useful courses I have taken. I use the tools everyday!" - M.S.

"Probably the best training course I have attended for usability, content, and delivery. Excellent presentation. Anyone who facilitates regularly or attends workshops/ meetings regularly. The course builds better facilitators AND attendees." - A.L., procurement manager

"I just wanted to thank you for a life changing course. Your course was like a boot camp and it almost totally removed my fear of speaking in front of groups. - E.S.

"I did not expect the training to be this well-run. The entire workshop was well prepared, organized, and executed to the fullest, including the materials provided." - A Baseline Magazine Top Five "Well-run IT Company" department manager

"It was fabulous. Exhausting (since I took it very seriously and wanted to learn EVERYTHING!) . . . but fabulous." -P.G., vp marketing - major consumer research company

"This has been the most useful class of my whole career." -M.A., business analyst - oil company

"We are using the principles of my FAST training almost daily. We have created a template for helping groups develop strategic roadmaps and drive high-level decision-making very quickly. Kudos to this process!." -M.K., director of strategic planning (PhD) - insurance company

"Great Job! Best class in years!" -K.C., senior analyst - insurance company

"Thoroughly knowledgeable, captivating, clear -- entertaining. Best / most valuable course taken in my twenty plus years within (Fortune 10 Company). Transferable to all aspects of my position." -R.B., enterprise architect

"Every piece of the course added value. There wasn't anything that I would leave out." -C.S., director, project management office

"The Alumni section is super useful!" - B.A.

"I am struck by how productive and jam-packed last week was in training! I really have not had another short course this applicable or rich in important lessons, so thank you." - C.H., Decision Analyst, PhD

"My objective was to learn about tools to facilitate sessions, as well as gain experience, gain confidence -- all objectives were met and exceeded -- especially the case study . . ." - D.B., Business System Analyst

"I think this [FAST class] is a course that every manager should take." - M.W., VP Planning & Strategy - on-line retailer

Judge us by the company we keep"I think you're fortunate to be in the Chicago area, with MG Rush so close by... I was trained by MG Rush . . . and had a number of people in my Project Office trained for years after that . . . If you want top-notch facilitation training, look no further . . ."
[An on-line bulletin board post]

"I also wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the FAST training you taught here last November. Even though the training was intense it is well worth its weight in gold and that is a direct reflection upon your leadership as an instructor. I have fully utilized a lot of the techniques already." - K.T., business analyst

[In a course evaluation] "I know I ranked most things with their highest marks. This is not my typical behavior. This class and instructor really have changed the way I think."

"Excellent learning experience. Anyone serious about being a facilitator that wants to help groups get results should attend this class" - J.C.L., principal / PhD

"The best instructor I have studied under--bar none. This course should be required in college. It's better than 70 percent of what I studied there."

"The direction and suggestions you've provided will be a tremendous help! I truly appreciate your insights and experience and your willingness to share them with me."

"I can highly recommend MG Rush for facilitator training. The staff that I've sent to this training tell me that it's the best and most important training they've received in their professional career."
[From an on-line bulletin board post]

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and appreciated your reality input into the discussions."

"Learning about all of the different techniques and methodologies was most valuable to me. The 'cookbook' agenda and 'prompt' screens are also very helpful. These are all great building blocks . . ."

"Instructor knowledge was excellent and honest. Nothing was out of bounds for questions."

"I wish it had lasted a few more days!" - J.F.

"The pace of the course may need to slow down. It feels like we have too much (good) information to absorb in too little time." -C.S., program specialist

"The instructor brought relevant, real-world examples and made the presentation enjoyable." -P.C., supply chain manager

"We covered a lot of material, but did so in a fast-paced, fun, interesting and informative way." -A.G., project value specialist

"Paid for itself by Thursday." - S.J., independent consultant

"Thank you for making last week one of the most enjoyable training classes that I have ever attended."

"[Regarding the instructor] Awesome! Absolutely brilliant in focusing, teaching and enabling the students!" -C.S., program manager
(We're not making this one up and we didn't pay her to write this on the evaluation!)

"All members of our PMO have to attend!" -C.W., project manager

"I particularly liked being 'forced' into facilitating in front of the group. That was a big confidence builder." -G.N.

"Kudos for time management. The duration sounded too long but it worked out just right." -R.S., change manager

"Much more than I anticipated. A very intensive class. A lot of information." -A.T., trainer

"The instructor did a great job of relating this back to our company and showing us how we would use it." -R.P., quality engineer

"[Regarding her new access to alumni resources] Thank you! It's been quite a while since I took the FAST class, but I still regard it as the best seminar I ever had. I look forward to perusing the online resources." - K.W., consultant

"I enjoyed our class, and I'm looking forward to using FAST in a hurry!!" - T.B., marketing manager

"I took the Leadership Strategies course and was bored. I took your course and was exhausted." - N.K., independent consultant

"Thank you for a great workshop [FAST class] in December. I am still digesting all that I am learning and have learned." - J.W., consultant and professor

"Thanks again for your gift of teaching. This has easily been the most practical 'professional development' program I have attended in the past 6 years. Your spirit and heart complement the intensity and rigor of the course, and the experience is special." -C.K., physician

"I appreciate your quick response and the access to such valuable information." -C.F., HR executive


"Your course is the best one I have attended in years. I gained so much information and resources to help me in real work situations. I also appreciate the time and support you provided me with [my big workshop] agenda. I feel better prepared for the workshop." - D.F., supply chain manager

"I was astounded by the astute observations of my presentation.../the feedback on the evaluations will be used!" - D. T., senior analyst

"I thought you would like to know that we are applying the learnings from FAST into our latest project." - D. A., senior business analyst

"I wanted to follow up and tell you thanks for helping me a while back. The workshop went very well. Everyone involved seemed to be very pleased with the way it was run and the outcome." - N.I., product manager

"Excellent Program. I really found it valuable because it was about actionable ideas . . . concepts I can adapt and use to improve my effectiveness as a leader." -L.B., marketing manager

"The class helped has better prepared me to deal with multiple personalities for our workshops and meetings." -R.B., systems analyst


Building enthusiasm among participants -
"WOW. What a great meeting yesterday. I just wanted to personally THANK YOU for your Wisdom, Inspiration and Support."

Productivity, enthusiasm, and commitment -
"It was really awesome. The first time/place I have seen this company on such a "high" in terms of strategic plan accomplishment. I never thought I'd see the day that [VP] stood up and told everyone what an awesome job our department does. We owe it in no small part to teamwork as well as someone like you who forces us to get it all together." - D.C. - department head

Working with executive teams -
"The CEO was very complementary of your work with us. In particular, he commended your communication poise, skills, and effectiveness in working with his senior management team."

Documentation of facilitator-led sessions -
"I am amazed at the clarity and thoroughness of your work. We have relied on the quality of the sessions and documentation for months as the cornerstone of our planning. Your work has cut out the discord between points of view." - Head of agency of U.S. government

Balanced Scorecard sessions -
"[Our president] felt comfortable with budgets and the approach from program and core perspective. I feel like I won the lottery!" - L.H., VP - major print and media company

Quality content -
"Having you facilitate the discussion and process was a critical element of this consultation. The outputs that I have viewed look on target . . . Now we have the tools to make the decisions on optimum territories. Thank you for your help!" - S.G., division sales manager, major pharmaceutical manufacturer

Collaboration -
"I never thought I'd see the day that the sales VP would stand up and tell everyone what an awesome job our marketing folks do. We owe it in no small part to teamwork as well as someone like you who forces us to get it all together."

Skills -
"Thanks for hosting - your facilitator / moderator skills are phenomenal." and separately, "Your facilitation skills really kept the group going and your note taking added huge value."

* Unsolicited bulletin board posting about MG Rush FAST training


What Clients Say
"The staff that I've sent to this training tell me that it's the best and most important training they've received in their professional career."


On-line Glossary
Facilitator's Glossary
FAST is one of the oldest sources of facilitation
certification, since 2004.
Our FAST Professional Facilitation Workshop Course - is our most popular class.

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Meeting Facilitation Fundamentals basic training.

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